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Maintaining Brand Equity for the Fourth Largest Car Wash in America

Autobell Car Wash

Autobell® Car Wash is America’s fourth largest car wash company, serving customers with a variety of interior and exterior wash options, and washing nearly 5 million cars annually. Autobell employs more than 2,500 team members at its 80+ locations in the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia and Maryland. Well known for its water conservation procedures, Autobell has achieved numerous recognitions for its environmental commitment and praises for its community and employee relations deeply rooted in scholarship and charity programs.

White is utilizing a media approach that mirrors and is consistent with Autobell’s organizational philosophy to respect and treat employees and business partners well. Traveling to each market to meet with and nurture relationships with media partners has helped educate about and generate enthusiasm for Autobell.  As such, with the support of media partners, Autobell has been able to increase strategic charitable and environmental involvement in the communities they serve.


®Autobell is a registered service mark of Autobell Car Wash, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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