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Bold Flavors Arrive In Charlotte

37Sol Southwest Kitchen

37Sol blends bold flavors of the Southwest with Southern culinary influences. The real star of the kitchen is the wood fire grill and all menu items—from sauces to salsas to handcrafted cocktails—start from scratch and are made to order. All tequilas are 100% agave, citrus fruits are juiced daily, and avocados aren’t cut until you order guacamole. Keeping in step with our clients who believe strongly in giving back to our community, 37Sol’s Kitchen Karma pares up a savory menu item and flavored cocktail of the month, sharing customer purchases with the handpicked charity of the month.

White welcomed 37Sol to the agency and immediately began whipping up a media strategy to blend local radio endorsements and trade incentives to invite hungry customers to this new Queen City restaurant. Geofencing strategies targeted surrounding neighborhoods and office parks to celebrate unique culinary delights in an impressive atmosphere with family and friends. 

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